Gideon Strauss says :

The CWN was founded in South Africa in 1992 (I think) by (mostly younger) evangelicals (from diverse backgrounds: arty Anglicans, political pentecostals, Reformed research assistants, etc.) who were (at that time, for most, quite recently) excited by the discovery that Christianity has implications for every area of life (in particular, the arts, politics, and academic scholarship).

The CWN did three things during the 1990s: held annual conferences in South Africa (still some of my fondest memories), arranged local meetings (I made life-long friendships in our regular Wednesday night meeting in Bloemfontein), and published a 'zine, the "Many-to-Many."

Late in the 1990's, the CWN went international, largely because of the enthusiastic hard work of Craig Bartholomew. There are now small CWN groups not only in various cities in South Africa, but also in (as far as I know) England, the Phillipines, Canada and the USA. This is not a tight-knit organization. It is simply people inspired by their discovery of
what it means to confess that Jesus is Lord over all of life, getting together.

Also during the late 1990's, and largely because of the hard work of two South Africans, Jeanette Harris and Frank Muller, the CWN 'zine, the "Many-to-Many," became a fairly substantial publication, now called "The Big Picture." This was great for readers, but tough to maintain. No money, a subscription base of only about 100 people thinly spread around the globe, big printing costs, international postage, LOTS of volunteer time shared mostly between two people. Not really sustainable. The CWN officially ceased to exist as an organisation around 2005.

This web site was an experiment in the electronic publication of selected articles from our magazine, "The Big Picture", in an attempt to make them accessible to more people around the world. People can print out the text articles of their choice to pass on to others. They can save them and reformat them according to their own needs.

Erna Buber-deVilliers built the website, and published a number of articles from the publication on-line. The idea was that she'd get many more articles published once she retired, in 2004... but lightning killed her computer, and now she no longer has OCR... and the idea of typing out all the articles is a bit daunting.

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"Old Timers", who can still remember the dim, faraway beginnings of CWN, please write your version of the story in the guest book. Gert, Zak and I believe that CWN started networking at the YFC conference center, Magaliesberg,  near the Hartebeespoort Dam in August 1988!

Anybody is free to sign the Guestbook, of course
The Christian Worldview Network
We hold to the Christian faith as God's true and final revelation of Himself and His redemptive purpose. We subscribe from the heart to the historical evangelical faith.
All people understand reality from a particular perspective and thus have a particular worldview. The gospel demands that we view reality from the perspective of the Lordship of Christ. Life cannot be divided into a sacred and a secular (worldly) sphere.

Christ must be Lord of all of life.
We seek to put Christians of like vision, who labour with us for the King and His Kingdom, in touch with one another for mutual encouragement, support and access to resources.
Erna Buber-deVilliers says further:

CWN is run by volunteers and one paid part-time worker. If you appreciate the work being done, if you enjoy any of the items on this site, and if you think it is worth continuing, then you need to get involved. You are the pivotal person! "Who, ME?" Yes. Sign up, send a donation, tell your friends, contribute creatively... PRO REGE! (for the King!)
Craig Bartholomew says:

Especially those of us who are overseas [i.e. outside of SA] could make a real difference. £10.00, for example, translates into over R100.00, and a lot more can be done with £10.00 in South Africa than here. Thus, even small, regular donations, especially from overseas, can make a huge difference to the running of CWN/TBP.