TBP Editorial Structure

The email addresses listed below might not work any more, but then again, they might. The names reflect TBP's hey-day.

Jeanette Harris used to do most of the work getting the publication printed, put together and sent to members.

Production editors
Editor-in-Chief  Craig G. Bartholomew
Editor             Frank Müller
Editor            Gideon Strauss
Managing Editor     Jeanette Harris
Webmasters    Gerrit du Preez
Erna Buber-deVilliers

Area editors
Bible and Theology  Tony Graham
Church    Bob Walker
Spirituality and Worship   Frank Muller
Philosophy      Mark Roques
The Arts  Geoff Hall

Gender Issues Anne Roques
EducationAndrew West
Counselling and Health Care    Carolyn Gird

Politics    Josh Good
Michelle Voll

Book Reviews  Robin Parry

CWN International Representatives
Canada    Gideon Strauss
Japan       Katsuomi Shimashaki
South Africa     Frank Muller
United KingdomCraig Bartholomew
USA Stephen Lazarus