Cover Illustration Advent 2000
Volume 2 Issue 3

Academic with an Open Book
after Rembrandt's Philosopher Meditating
The mixed-media work shown here was specially commissioned from artists Gert Swart and Zak Benjamin for the Scripture and Hermeneutic Series of books, a ten-year project headed up by Craig Bartholomew in the UK. A painting of the same title was made for the cover of the forthcoming volume,
Renewing Biblical Interpretation
(published by Zondervan, and Paternoster, 2000). The book contains a detailed description of the painting. We gratefully acknowledge the permission of Zondervan and Paternoster to use the image for our cover.
Christianity and Worship
Worshipping God in the everyday spaces of life - Clint le Bruyns
Made for worship - Craig Bartholomew
Seeing Salvation: The Image of Christ, an exhibition - Geoff Hall
Sanctuary, alternative worship - Anne Burghraef-Roques (for more information, click)
Worship and Worldview, Editorial - Martin Heyns and Jan Nieder-Heitmann
Book reviews
The Harry Potter Phenomenon
Tuning in to a different song: Music to bridge cultural differences
From the Place of the Dead - Bishop Belo and the struggle for East Timor
Movie review
Goya in Bordeaux - a painter who was an early harbinger of the post-modern condition
The Equipping Church - resources for ministry in everyday life
Cover illustration Tim Van Vuuren
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