The theme of this issue is
Christianity and Politics
Volume 1
Lent 1999
Editorial: Slow, hard, subtle work

Christian Politics in the 21st Century

The Church's Role in Politics

What's a good Christian boy like you doing in a place like this?

Craig's column from Cheltenham: Theology must be political

Africa transformed by the Gospel

Perspectives on Practical Spirituality: The Name

Introducing the Bible - Part 8 : All of life is there: the Psalms

Living out the reign of God: an interview with prof. John de Gruchy

Christianity and Democracy

Evangelism made slightly less difficult

Cracking open the pomegranate of prayer: The Lord and his prayer

The Christian Movement for Justice (CMJ)

Living in the Story

UBUNTU - the concept in a multicultural medical setting
Zak Benjamin
The Good Samaritan
Cover story: The Isandlwana Monument
A medal of valour for Zulu warriors: the Iziqu