Pentecost 1999, Volume One, Issue 2
The theme of this particular Issue is
Christianity and Creativity
Cover Illustration by Suzanne Hattingh
This image was born out of a desire to express what worship means to me. To me, worship is a lifestyle, a total package. It is not just a separate activity unrelated to the rest of my life. However, this is difficult, if not impossible, to encapsulate visually. I have tried to recreate a scene of worship, partly by referring back to some biblical elements mentioned in relation to worship. I find the image too literal and lacking in subtlety, but it is as close as I got at that stage to presenting a visual poem of worship. Central to worship stands our relationship with God, a living relationship with a living FatherGod. He is a Covenant-God, a Promise-God. He calls and we answer. This is worship: answering God.
A Journey from Chair to Chair
by Leonie Schoeman
Christians and The Arts
In South Africa: A MANIFESTO

MANIFESTO: For the Christian Artist
by Geoff Hall