The Christian Movement for Justice

- bringing together South African Christians in the public arena -

Philip Dickerson


The Christian Movement for Justice has precipitated out of the experience and calling of numerous people. Through their varied experiences of life in political, business and church spheres, they understand that the gift of life and the responsibility of stewardship can only find full and meaningful expression within the context of biblical norms of justice. Our hope and vision is to build an enduring life and legacy, family and nation on the basis of Christian values!

The new constitution empowers us as Christians and citizens to participate responsibly in the public arena. We approach this realm with passion and humility, aware of our track record and the absence of any distinctly Christian social and political vision for our country. Never the less due to the seeds sown by past generations, the vast majority of South Africans are supportive of Christian values in private and public life and are now free to reform and create structures reflecting biblical norms of justice.

Our civil structures exist to facilitate, and where necessary, compel the outworking of the Royal Law "Do to others as you would have them do to you". Our religious structures exist to appeal to every citizen to embody this law in heart and deed. Christian values do not replace the myriad of human sciences and endeavors of our complex modern world. They perform the role of an orchestral conductor, providing oversight, direction and discipline for the contribution of each player to the whole.

Christians have a heritage of faith and values upon which we can offer the nation a compelling and comprehensive vision of the future and become a force to be reckoned with in the public arena. CMJ is a vehicle structured to give public expression to those values, transcending interest group and party politics, fulfilling a prophetic role in the nation. Through card-carrying membership and networking with organizations of similar mind we seek endorsement and support from every South African. To achieve this we have a strategy comprising four major elements.

Research: Co-opting the support of leaders in their respective spheres of academics, business, politics etc to research legislation, get involved in think tanks and solution finding from a biblical perspective, recognizing the highly differentiated nature of our nation and respecting the autonomy and legitimacy of its mediating institutions.

Advocacy: Creating a vehicle for the expression of Christian values in public life. Placing lobbyists in Local and National Parliaments drawing authority from its membership base and the findings of research on local and national issues.

Education: Grass roots education programs on two levels.

Projects: We believe that it is not sufficient to merely be fulfilling an advocacy and educational role in our nation. Pressuring others to do justice. We need to be doing justice ourselves. We will play a facilitating role in linking needs to the resources. There are many individuals, churches businesses and other organizations willing and able to contribute to the upliftment of oppressed communities as an expression of their deep sense of Gods concern and our responsibility for the poor.


CMJ was launched at a promotion breakfast in July of 1998. The response was enthusiastic with numerous pledges of support, both in cash and in kind.

We have a two-pronged approach to our canvassing. In order to make membership of the movement accessible to the vast majority of South Africans we have adopted a membership policy reflected below.


Types of Membership

Personal membership

Network Membership

Banquet Membership

R15 per year servicing

Membership card

Quarterly news letter

R1200 per year

Membership card

Quarterly news letter

Regular servicing and networking

R 2400 per year

Membership card

Quarterly news letter

Principles and Practice Plaque

Regular servicing and networking

Annual dinner with community and political leaders


In order to service the "personal members" we need a strategy reflected above. However in order for the movement to make real headway in its education and grass roots membership drive we need to appeal for financing over and above our membership. 

We believe that our four part approach to becoming an effective player in the future of our nation provides a compelling motivation and seeds for a spirit led and God glorifying expression of His present and coming Kingdom.


Christian Movement for Justice

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Christian Movement for Justice (CMJ)


  1. Every person is made in the image of God and shares a common dignity, which gives rights and responsibilities, which no law can take away.
  2. Christians must serve our nation as a biblically prophetic voice for justice. Through prayer, analysis, the mobilization of public opinion and appropriate public action, citizens must critically support in its exercise of justice and recall it to its tasks when it goes awry.
  3. Justice requires that all individuals, communities and organizations should have fair and equitable relations with one another.
  4. The state is an organized political community of government and citizens subject to the God given requirement of Justice.
  5. Government is accountable to God, Who is the origin of all justice. Government is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a legal order that equitably recognizes, protects and brings into harmony the different rights and responsibilities of individuals and communities
  6. Government must recognize and respect the diverse ultimate convictions of citizens. It must promote freedom of conscience, worship and speech and allow citizens to express these convictions in all of their lives.
  7. Democracy means that Government and citizens share the responsibility for Justice.


The CMJ will:

Support the Government when it does justice; challenge it when it fails to do justice. 

Encourage Christians to take responsibility for:

Strive to ensure that government:

Ensure that those things that differentiate us including age, race, language, gender, class and ability are less important than our respect, care and compassion for one another.


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  • Mark Manley Chairperson
    M.D. Crucial Consulting (Pty) Limited
    Former Mayor of Randburg
  • Christian P Lodewyk C.E.O.
    Project Management Consultant
    Former General Secretary to IFCC
  • Philip Dickerson National Coordinator
    Minister of Religion
  • Moss Nthla Executive member
    General Secretary The Evangelical Alliance of S.A.
  • Tselani Thambo
    Actress and Consultant
  • Brian Crail
  • George Mhlobo Executive Member
    General Secretary AFM of South Africa
  • Nick Masupi Executive Member
    Executive Member Assemblies of God SA
  • Dr Gideon Strauss Executive Member
  • Mr. John Swartz
    Director CJB Development Services
  • Doreen Morris
    M Net presenter and TV personality
  • Caesar Molebatsi Executive Member
    Two Way Talk Show Host
    Chairman of Youth Alive and YMCA
    Leadership Consultant
  • Ron Steele Executive member
    Public Relations Officer Rhema SA
    Journalist and Author

    The Big Picture Volume 1 Lent 1999 p.21